Books and Music

Until 2006, I thought I was going to be rock star for a living. Then I realized I was a much better writer. These are the main books and albums I’ve released so far. This is the stuff for a broad audience. If you want to see my academic work, you can find it here.



Welcome to Computopia (Velkommen til Computopia) is a book I wrote in 2014 about emerging technologies and their sociotechnical impact in the near future. It’s only out in Danish, but you can read about it here.








Homo Conexus came out in Denmark in 2009 and is about how living in the Network Society impacts us as human beings. It has a natural focus on millennials, since they are the first generation to grow up after we entered this new age. An English version is available here – for free!.







Generation Network (Generation Netværk) was the first book I wrote, aided by the wonderful Julie Ralund. It came out in 2006 and was the first book in Denmark to truly analyze media usage among Millennials and the rising impact of social media.








My first solo album from 2004. Originally written in English, but then EMI / Noiz convinced me to record the vocals in Danish. English demos can be heard, along with the rest of the album on most streaming sites such as Spotify or Apple Music.







The second Splint album, where the incredibly talented Christian Lundbak had taken over on vocals, was never put in real distribution on CD. We did, however, pay for the recording through what is now known as crowdfunding, but that word wasn’t around when we record it in 2002. We just had people buy it in advance, inspired by the band Marillion who had just done the same thing. It’s now available in digital form, e.g. on Spotify and Apple Music.






The first Splint album from 2001. The classic tale of rave reviews and decent airplay but no album sales at all. It’s an album we’re proud of, though. The timing was just bad. We were trying to do American-inspired indie rock / nerd rock at a time when Danes were only listening to really bad and unintelligent bubblegum dance music like Aqua. A few years later, everyone embraced this style, but then we had moved on. It’s out on services like Spotify and Apple Music.






My first really successful band, Splint, released this EP on Sony Music in 2000. Let’s just say it’s a less than optimal result of working with producers and record label people that didn’t quite get where we wanted to go. And a lesson in why you should always trust yourself first as an artist. If you dare, you can listen on places like Spotify and Apple Music.






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